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Calls Station Name City State Night Time
KYLD Wild 94.9 San Francisco CA Friday Nights 12a-2a
KZZP 104.7 KISS FM Phoenix AZ  Saturday Nights 1a-3a
KKXX HITS 93.1 Bakersfield CA  Friday/Saturday 12a-2a
WZJZ Y-100 Southwest-Fort Myers FL  Friday Nights 10p-12a
KSEQ  Q97.1 Fresno CA  Friday Nights 12a-2a
KHOP  KHOP @ 95.1 Modesto/Stockton CA  Saturday Nights 12a-2a
KKUU U-92.7 Palm Springs CA Saturday Nights 12a-2a
KRSQ Hot 101.9 Billings MT Saturday Nights 1a-3a
KFRO 95.3 & 102.3 THE BREEZE Longview TX  Saturday Nights 12a-2a
KSAS 103.3 KISS FM Boise ID  Saturday Nights 10p-12a
KZBD NOW 105.7 Spokane WA  Saturday Nights 12a-2a
KMVN  Movin 105.7 Anchorage AK  Saturday Nights 1a-3a
KFYZ Z94.5 Santa Barbara CA  Saturday Nights 12a-2a
KSXY Y100.9 Santa Rosa CA  Friday Nights 2a-4a
KHXT Hot 107.9 Lafayette LO  Friday Nights 12a-2a
KDON 102.5 KDON Monterey/Salinas CA  Friday Nights 1a-3a
KJMQ 98.1 JAMZ Kuah Hawaii  Saturday Nights 12a-2a
KWWV Wild 106.1 San Luis Obispo CA  Friday/Saturday 1a-3a
KWYL VFX 94.5 & 98.3 Salt Lake City UT  Saturday Nights 12a-2a
KXRG MY 95.9 FM Honolulu Hawaii Saturday Nights 6p-8p
KVIP 96.3 VIP Chico CA  Saturday Nights 12-2am
WBZC Z-88.9 Pemberton NJ  Friday Nights 10p-12a
KTMT NOW 93.7 Medford OR  Friday Nights 10p-12a
KRAJ 100.9 THE HEAT Palmdale CA Saturday Nights 2a-4a
KRYC  RHYTHM 105.9 Yuba City CA  Friday Nights 12a-2a
N/A Z-99.9 FM Grand Caymen Islands Caymen Islands  Saturday Nights 12a-2a
N/A KissFM 95.8 Algarve Portugal Saturday Nights 10a-12a
SUPERSTATION Orkney Scotland  Saturday Nights 10p-12a

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