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MTV Delves Behind The Duo’s Fave Looks…

Fashion File: Nervo Twins
MTV Delves Behind The Duo’s Fave Looks…

Dec 10, 2010

Source: Sophie Barnett
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Photo : Getty Images 2010
They write songs for the hottest stars on the planet, spin the decks at the most glam parties around and are currently in the middle of producing their very own album.

Yep, the Nervo twins can do it all!

And whatever the terrific twosome are up to, you can guarantee they’ll be doing it looking nothing less than hot-to-trot!

With a refreshing love and admiration for local designers and a passion for customizing their own looks, the Aussie twins are quickly becoming as famous for their style as their music.

Fresh off their DJ tour across the States – MTV caught up with one half of the poptastic duo, Liv, to find out the inspiration behind some of her and her sister Mim’s most-loved looks of the year…

EMI Post Grammy Party – Hollywood

“We were DJing that day at the party, so we wanted something that wasn’t too red carpet. The leather thing, it was really so that we could wear something that we’d usually wear while DJing, although with some heels, which we don’t normally wear while DJing, we normally wear something a bit more comfortable as we’re usually there a few hours.

“Mim (right) had those leggings on which were just wicked! I remember I didn’t want to wear them as I felt that her butt looked way better, so she could sport them!

Underneath, I was wearing a wicked body suit from American Apparel and it was backless, but you can’t really see it under my leather jacket. I was wearing that because it was cold and I really didn’t want to take off my jacket!”

ARIA Awards – Sydney

“I love these outfits! These were by a New York designer called Haleh Nematzadeh, who approached us through our label and she was like, ‘I’d love to dress you girls’ and when we were like ‘oh we’ve got this awards ceremony coming up,’ so she sent us a whole bunch of things she’d been working on.

“I’m wearing the gold dress (right), and I thought it was a bit cheeky with that symbol on it. It was really heavy actually, and very cold because it’s made of metal, but I really love the texture of it, and also the simplicity of it, as it’s really just a big t-shirt, but it felt very rock n’ roll, and it felt glamorous, but still street and edgy.

“Mim is wearing a leather bodysuit, but what I love about her outfit is that she coupled it up with body jewelry. That was actually by an Australian designer called House of Baulch. We discovered Kathryn Baulch when we did the L’Oreal fashion festival, when they flew us down to be like their ambassadors. We were just blown away by her fashion show and wore her jewelry the whole week. And we approached her when we found out we were going to the ARIAs and were like, ‘hey we’d love to wear some of your stuff,’ and she was great and sent it up.

“We had a great time at the ARIAs, we DJ’d, then we DJ’d at the after-party, and then at another private party. It was really good, we had a whole load of friends there and free drink, so by the time I caught up with them at the end it was a really good night!”

Lollapalooza – Chicago

“The t-shirt I’m wearing (right), ‘DJ’s love BJ’s,’ well, the day before our gig there was this guy wearing it and I went straight up to him and I was like, ‘OMG can I get a t-shirt for my brother, as my brothers a DJ. He doesn’t really DJ professionally but I thought it would be really funny for him to wear, so he said ‘yeah I can give you some, but I only have white,’ and I thought that was a bit more girly, so I thought screw that, so I cut off the sleeves and wore it for the gig the next day!

I’m never afraid of cutting off sleeves, turning a dress into a skirt or turning a skirt into a top, or layering things that shouldn’t be layered, or clashing colours. I love all that stuff.

Mim’s got some Desert boots on, and she was wearing such an amazing jacket that day, with the Lady Gaga pointy shoulders, and that was by a designer in Melbourne called Extinct. So here we are floating the Aussie flag across the world!”

Don’t miss Liv and Mim at Summadayze 2011, kicking off in Melbourne on Jan 1!

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